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Ashoka Dreams Guava Liquer 1l

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Dreams Guava Liquer 1l
(exotic fruit juice)

Made from the flesh of sun-ripened guava from India. Refreshing and gentle at the same time.
Take a break and swap in an India pure Exotic.

Fruit juices are indispensable in Indian cuisine as a drink. They are made from a variety of fruits. However, juice from lychees and guanábana is one of India's most popular fruit juices. Guanábana, also called Guyabano or Corossol, is an Annonese plant. This tree is referred to in German as a spiked or sour sack. The juicy, yellowish-white flesh tastes, as the German name suggests, typically sour.

25% Vol
50 Proof, 1.0l

Sugar Syrup , Guava Infusion , Alcohol, Flavorings, colorings E110 , E -124

product from India

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